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Thursday, June 14, 2007 

Got Mussels!

Call me a Kampung duh, I am. To me, instant noodles is the likes of Maggie, a squarish fried noodle with a pack of MSG sealed in a plastic bag. The more advance type is something like Maggie Cup Noodle. Hard, Deep-fried noodle together with a pack of msg sealed in a cup-like plastic container.

Others with real food are not considered instant noodle for they have to be microwaved.

Until I bought these few from Carrefour.

They r costly, RM3.50 each. I was already pretty amused when I ate the first one which consist of, besides your normal msg, some dried scramble eggs and fish cake which will expand after you pour in hot water. Just "pretty" amazed only, hence didnt take photo.

Today, dinner in office before futsal tonight, I try this Thai Tom Yam. This is like....... how could I say it, IT GOT ABALONE MUSHROOMS, SOTONG, AND MUSSELS!

Yeah I know, I m a mummy boy who seldom feed on instant noodles.

But it got mussels!

Saya pun suka kupang!

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