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Thursday, June 14, 2007 

Never Awaken The Sleeping Giant Within

I hate it when something / someone disturbs my slumber. Be it Clyde, my mom, her dog, the maid, the neighbourhood maids or noisy birds chirping outside my room. I remember yelling ”OOOI!!! DIAM LAH! TAK PAYAH TIDO KE?!” from my room window at mom’s house in USJ at a Deepavali-Bollywood sesh at 3am. I also yelled ”HELLO! TAK BLEH DUDUK DIAM-DIAM KE?!!” at a little girl who couldn’t quit stomping up and down at a cinema.

What irks me most is when the maid knocks on my door unrelentlessly for something trivial. Oh, I value my sleep too much to be signing the delivery form for the postman. She does this all the time, for the postman, for the plumber, for someone who is looking for FIL who is obviously not home, etc.

I worked till 430am yesterday and slept at 6am this morning. Come 11am, there was a knock on my bedroom door. I ignored it but the knocks continued. Finally, it stopped but it came back after 30 mins. Of course it’s Ana the maid asking me to sign something for the postman. Later, I had a word with her:

“Lu dengar baik-baik ah. Kalau saya kat rumah hanya bermakna:
1) Saya sakit
2) Saya kerja lambat

Oleh itu saya mau tido. Jangan kacau saya kecuali ada rompak, api atau orang mati.”

Of course, I didn’t meant it word-for-word, but this is just to give her an idea of how a sleep-deprived Bonnie reacts to the world. Otherwise, Bonnie is a sweet gal. Really.

Obviously I hope it's not the parcel for my internet purchased toys.......

Btw, must send into ur subconcious, do it even whe u r asleep: Bollywood bash is dangerous.... stay calm and stay low......

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