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Friday, August 03, 2007 


Earlier this year, promise Bonnie will get her a Tag as her birthday present.

Somehow it didnt happen. The decision had been dragged again and again; cause Bonnie care too much about my wallet. Such a lovely wife.

Finally, yesterday I bought her a watch from HongKong, and one for myself too. Like a "couple" thing. Bought it cause it's something very different from all watches Bonnie has. It's white, and plastic.

When I told my colleague about this, was being teased "Cheapo".

Yes, it's Baby-G.

And yes, it's a down-grade from RM5,200 watch to a RM126.50 watch.

I must say the price is one of the factor that helped me decide to buy. But it's not a factor as in comparison to Tag watch. I sincerely think the watch looks good on her.

I swear.

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