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Wednesday, August 08, 2007 


I chat and talk to a few people about the Suzy Wong hair style. Why caucasian men love that?

The feedback from some dude from the states: They dont particulary love it. They love it not because of the look of it, but the meaning carried behind it.

It's stereotype. A stereotype of all caucasian men love it. A stereotype of all Asian women who love caucasian love it.

It is, like a sign language, an mutual understanding, a game of to hook and to be hooked.

I am not saying all with that kinda hair style are like that; some girls I know do love it. I am talking about girls who purposely cut their hair such way before they go overseas or hang out in places with a lot of caucasians.

That's the reason why porn with title such as "Asia Delight" will always feature some, if not all, girls with such hair style.

Just like many men is Malaysia, especially older in age, thinks girls with cigerette equals "Got Chance".

Sigh. We are such simple animals.

You've been tagged! HAAHHAH


Dun wan. Have to post pics wan. Heh...

Self Protrait counts?

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