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Friday, August 03, 2007 


I think, if I were right, I did wrote about Bonnie's way of showing appreciation when I give her gifts.

I m brought up by a very Cina kinda family. As most Chinese, I dont really know how to show my gratitude when someone did something good to me. Even worse, sometimes I would say something bad.

For example, when you bought me some nice durian, instead of a sincere "Thank You", I might even comment on the taste, like, I had tasted durians even better when and when; or I used to buy the same grade some where with half the price etc etc.

I know, I gotta change, and I m learning to.

And Bonnie is the one who has this quality I always admire. She will just react in such a way that she appreciate and like it so much that you will believe her and share her happiness. Even sometimes deep down inside I wasnt sure whether I really bought the right thing.

She will just transmit the happiness to you.

The only drawback about this is, sometimes it will just make you being not sharp in choosing gifts for her. Am I really that sharp? Havent I miss? I do think so. Out of so many gifts I gave, there must be some, hopefully not too many, that I've missed. She just always make me feel so happy for things I choose for her,

Maybe should talk to her that, if for things I bought her which doesnt suit her taste so much, she could tell me. I will improve.

Anyway, just wanna say that you really make my day!

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