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Thursday, September 20, 2007 

And The Long-Suffering Husband Award Goes To...

Clyde has got to be the most understanding and supportive hubby in the whole wide world.

I remember some years back when I pulled out from a Hong Kong trip for work and he went alone. Last year there was this other HK trip that was cancelled again because of work reasons as well.

Now, we cancelled our trip to Spain because I have been posted to Mumbai for 4 weeks. It is my own arse luck that my annual holiday has to happen at the same time with this once-in-a-lifetime post. It’s a jinx I say. Not only that, Clyde is going to join me during my last few days there and together we will travel to Delhi to see The Taj Mahal in Agra.

So the lomatiks wan.

Clyde dear, Made in Spain tak jadi so Made in India pun boleh lah eh? India ungle leke naleke.

"yan dat jao yan le,
mm yan dat jao wa le."

I dont mind, as long as it's fro you and i.

canai and tao. i like.:-)

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