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Monday, August 27, 2007 

The French, Chinese, Chicken, and Duck.

What's these gotta do with each others?

I heard this story once, forgotten who told me though, which I think is kinda funny and sad:

This group of Malaysians, all chinese, went for a Europe tour. They visited a few countries, and for each, the travel agency arranged a local tour guide for them.

That stop was France. When they got in the bus that morning, a young "Ang Moh, came into the bus after everyone has seated and the bus had started moving to their first destination of sight seeing.

"Heeeelllo and Good Morning ladies and gentlemen," the young handsome Frenchman greeted everybody enthusiatically.

"Good morning," everyone replied in a cheerful mode.

The problem started. The frenchman start to continue in clear, properly pronounced, maybe a little Beijing accent, Mandarin. He started speaking fluently, explaining the scenery and cracking some jokes.

Everyone was quiet, as if they're listening. Nobody laughed to his jokes nor looked interested with his explanation.

Until somebody raise his hand. "Can speak in English? We dont understand Chinese."

I can imagine how shock the french tour guide was. Not only he found that all the Chinese in the bus didnt speak, hear, or understand chinese; he can't really speak English. French is his first language and Chinese's his second.

Like what in cantonese: The Chicken talks to the Duck.

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