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Friday, August 10, 2007 


I hate being disrupted during makan and tidur time. Be it meetings, phone calls, social workers asking for donations, direct sales people, etc. Seldom deterred by interruptions, I am very focused on food and sleep. And if I am unreasonably bad tempered, it is because of food and sleep. Other times, I am just bad tempered. :P

But not today.

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She was relentless and persuasive. Like a sniper, she just locked on, targeted from afar and zoomed in on me among the 30-odd people dining there. Everytime she mewed it sounded like,"ffiona... fffiona... FFIONNNNNAAAAAA!!!" Cam hantu kum kum.

I didn’t stand a chance. So I ended up giving part of my clay pot chicken curry to her. :P

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