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Friday, August 10, 2007 


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This is really funny.

A spanking new A140 Benz was spotted in Bukit Damansara today, trying to reverse out of a parking space. There were 2 girls inside. 1 girl got out and guided as the other reversed, braked, reverse again to get out of the spot, all in vain. They switched tactics and drivers and the drama lasted like 20 mins before 1 of them came to the restaurant, where we were sitting and alerted the waiter,”Can you please inform this car owner that he/she is blocking the way?”

From where I was sitting, there was ample space for a bike to park horizontally and yet she blames the car in front for her parking skills, or lack of. Everybody came to check out the inspection until a waiter patiently guided her how to reverse her car properly.

I think it’s her hubby’s car so must be extra careful lor. :P

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