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Monday, August 13, 2007 

Konyaku Weekend

I love jelly, gummy, chewy transparent stuff to eat and to have (but not to wear la). So when I went with Clyde last weekend to a kedai runcit to buy groceries, I picked up this packet of Konyaku jelly powder and it hit me like a 10 tonne truck - I must learn how to make my favourite dessert TODAY! I want to eat jello NOW!

So I bought the mixture, which cost RM4.20 and went home determined and fully charged like a Duracell bunny.

I followed the instructions to a tee:
1) Mix contents evenly with 1200ml water
2) Stir over fire till boil
3) Pour mixture into jelly mould
4) Throw in peeled fruits for taste

I made 2 flavours - longan & orange. Clyde advised me to add the fruits after pouring into the moulds for that ‘floating’ effect. Wah... damn inventive I tell ya. It was a success! From now on, I will cook and bring this to any potluck getogether. Garanti sell.


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The product

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The glorious result!

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