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Monday, August 13, 2007 

Esquire Kitchen Sinks

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Something disgusting and puke inducing happened at one of my favourite haunts, Esquire Kitchen Atria.

Da family was seated right outside the kitchen during peak dinnertime hour. We observed staffs rushed in and out in lightning speed serving popular dishes while yelling orders. One dish never fail to make my mouth water - Flower Buns.

Esquire Kitchen Flower Buns are legendary and my first encounter with them goes way back in the 80’s. Dough are kneaded, twisted and then steamed to perfection. Without any filling on its own, it tastes oh-so-heavenly with their Fried Wantan Tomato-Based Dip or Kung Pao Chicken sauce.

I like it best plain.

There’s something about the off-white confection piled high on top of one another stacked up on a metal plates that makes it so delectable. So pure. So clean. So perfect.

Until last night.

2 pairs of eyes from our table actually spotted a waiter dropped a flower bun onto the floor. He quickly put it back on top of the pile and served it. We couldn’t see where the dish went so we alerted a passing waitress (foreigner) and she just stared at us blankly. She asked if our buns (which arrived seconds before) were dirty. When we explained the whole situation, she again stared blankly. I think she couldn’t comprehend why would we make a fuss if the food weren’t ours. She just frowned and walked away, pretending not to understand the language. If you do not understand simple basic BM/Eng, you don’t have any business being here at all. For once, I’m tired of foreigners working in KL but pretending to be ignorant of basic local languages just because they are lazy (read: MAID/JOGOYA). But anyhoo, we alerted another Chinese waitress and waiter who, surprise surprise, pretended to be concerned but didn’t do jack. No explanation, no apology, no shit.

We paid our money and left. No way I’m patronising them again. But of course Esquire Kitchen wouldn’t mind. One patron, no more, no less. How Chinese.

Dun care. Still going.

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