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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Stuck On You

I hate clingy women.

I hate clingy men even more.

It was a fat Tuesday so I headed down to my friendly neighbourhood gym for 2 hours of workout. We had a newcomer, a sweet chinese girl in her twenties. She was kinda cute, the way she struggled with her 2lb free weights. She was opposite the shoulder machine I was using so I saw the instructor guiding her. A guy in flip flops walked up to her side, folded his arms and eyed her from a distance of 6”.

Strange, I thought. He wasn’t gymming with her, and neither was he coaching her although he was chatting with her throughout her workout. The instructor even asked him to sit at the reception area if he insisted on waiting for his girlfriend / fiancé / wife / sister / mother (!).

He did disappear for a while, but after 5 minutes, he was back. Inconsiderate fler. Oredi the studio so small, waffor wanna crowd around? You think everybody wanna hit on your gurfren meh...choi...hit oso hit on me first la...prettiest auntie in PJ...some say USJ...

*hyuk hyuk*

OMG! Guys like that have no self-confidence. Too insecure.

hehe :) Prettiest aunty in PJ :)

Minny: he scared rugi bcoz peeper look at his gurfren too long. :D

Nicktay: :)

Hahahahahahaha!!!! Last time also got one clingy bugger accompany his girlfriend for an interview in my office. Damn kau menyampah!

Ha. That's why I exercise at home. Can't stand all these extra drama. Better work out to the dramas on astro. :-P

james: Accompany nehmind wan. He didn't sit in for the interbiu, did he?

anjali: Aw...what is life without the little dramas? :)


cool kinda auntie eh. Me?
I tried to think of at least one thibg "clingy" that i like....i could not come up with even one. Not even one...ahah, does clevage count? same same or different ma?


Idham @ new blogger

Idham: "Clingy cleavage"? LOL

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