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Tuesday, April 08, 2008 


It means the end of first quarter of the year. We have 3 more to go before we could declare another year closer to the gate of death.

Not quite sure of what's going on, what's gone, and what's coming.

It's like every single day, and every other day. Living them one by one as one unique day in life. Like all the other unique days.

Earning a living is tough, earning to maintain the standard of living is also tough. Earning to achieve the standard of livings for the unknown future days seems even tougher, and unsure.

More and more friends would call me out for a yum cha session; and more and more mid life crisis stories i m absorbing. It's mid life crisis, they all know that; and they basically know what should done. However, the feeling just come. We know it but we cant stop it; well, we know we cant stop it and we r trying to do something about it.

It's just a phase of life.

Just like the month of April. The month before May, and after March.

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