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Thursday, February 14, 2008 

Tim Burton n Neil Gaiman

I was cracking jokes and out of 4, one didnt laughed. Well she smiled, just a gesture of being polite.

I asked her.

M: I think that's a very cruel story, i cant laugh at it.

Clyde: Ok, i m sorry. I didnt know it makes u uncomfortable.

M: No,no. I think u r like Tim Burton. Is a bit too morbid. Like the book you loan me (Melancholy Death of The Oyster Boy)

Clyde: ? I think that's a real compliment. Unfortunately I gotta admit I m nothing like him though he's my favorite director and artist.


Clyde: He's stories are dark and morbid. I mean it. The surrealistic presentation of his does look like there's a lot of hope and such; but his stories are always with a very cruel and darker meaning.

M: Isnt that exactly what ur story just now?

Clyde: In fact is exactly opposite. I tried, to tell happy and funny stories, with darker meaning. I wrote poetry, short stories etc, but i found that i cant do it. The first thing of course, is i dont have the skill. However, the more important thing is, i've found that i have a heart too weak to convey a really heartbreaking story. Things i say mostly brings more possitive meaning.

M: yeah u mention something good just now......

Clyde: U heard of Neil Gaiman? I kinda like his stuff but always not satisfied with his ending. It's too bright to me. He unfold his stories in a very dark and creepy manner. But he always brighten 'em. Which i dont really like.

M: So u r an evil person!

Clyde: I m just "looking" for something I cant do. Like a sloth with its razor-sharp claws looking at a cheerfully bright color rain frog, a frog with poison that could kill a grown up man in seconds.

M:....... So?

Clyde: Tame insects always have scary or shocking appereance.

M: Ok, I ll try to laugh at your jokes next time......

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