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Friday, February 01, 2008 

He Didnt Want to Kill, She Didnt Want to Run

Watch this movie last night in HBO, and it is, one damn confusing 90 minutes of crap.

There're a lot of this kinda serial killer-chasing brainless teenager show around. Most of them are crap, to be straight forward. However, this one, i m not sure whether to say it hits a new low for the standard of this gerne because after watching it, i wasnt sure it's the usual survive -the serial killer kinda movie.

As the title of this post, I m not sure whether the killer really wanted to kill and the survivor really wanted to escape. I m confused. Maybe it's some kind of message the director wants to convey? I dont know, seriously no idea at all. Perhaps lemme write down the whole plot again, and maybe by rewriting it down, i might be able to understand what's going on.

Here it goes:

Girl and boy stop at a rest stop, surrounded by forest. Girl went to washroom, guy is attacked. Girl noticed and lock the restroom door. Killer banged on door, couldnt open, so he left. Girl cried in the restroom, and talked to another girl who's supposed a survivor who trapped in a small room in the restroom.

(ok i flipped to ESPN for ac milan's game)

The cop came in a motorbike. He's hit by the killer's truck. Police lied on ground. The killer WENT OFF!

Instead of pulling out gun or use the radio for help, the girl dragged the police into the restroom. After they securely look the door, the killer came back. Hitting hard on the door. Girl cried. then she cried again. after that, she cried.

The killer get into his truck and drove away.

(Again!) instead of pulling out the gun or get to the radio, the two started to chat. OF course they didnt forget that they can use the radio; cause the police (a extremely handsome, model-lioke character) was yelling," i m gonna to call for backup and nail this guy!". After he said this, then suddenly he changed the topic; telling the girl yesterday was his son's birthday and he bought him a bike etc etc. Telling the girl to kiss his son for him and tell his wife that he loves her.

The girls cried and cried and cried and say you will not die and cried and cried.

They were just too busy in this hallmark moment and no time for pulling out gun nor use the radio.

They waited until the killer come back (again!).

The killer banged on door, police ask the girl took gun. instead of let the killer open the door so she could have a clear shot, he ask her to shoot through the door. Bang! bang! The girls shot and cried. The killer wasnt injured, so he left (OMG! again).

The two continued to chat about family and friends, and topics about love and commitment. They talked about their hometown, and the girls boyfriend. Until......... the killer came back!

There was a small window where the girl used to looked outside. This time the killer pour petrol thru it into the restroom. Then he seemed to have trouble with his lighter. Girl tried to shoot from inside, she was aiming the ceiling (coz the window is a bit high), police told her dont waste bullet; she couldnt shot him like that. So, the girl step on something and peep outta window. Well, she saw the killer trying to light his lighter. She panic and didnt know what to do, and obviously didnt know when she could see the killer, meaning she CAN shoot him!

FLIP! AC Milan leading (I was cursing already)

Dunno what's happened, girl hiding in the bushes, cried and cried and starting to fell asleep. Another like 15 minutes she dreamt about her boyfriend! She slept until........ until what? Until the killer drove his truck back.

From far girl saw head light of the killer's truck. She immediately get outta of her dark and discreet hiding place and jump out to the road, in front of the killer's truck. Turn back and started to run, so that the truck could chase her from behind.

FLIP! *%%$#^$%&^% Asian Food Channel is showing the making of some deicious carrot cakes.

Final scene, day time. The girl again standing in front of the truck. The truck sped towards her, she was cursing and mumbling, until........ Again UNTIL WHEN? Until the truck was kinda near her, she started to lit her the petrol bottle. Well of course, the lighter got problem, she couldnt light it until.......... the truck was so near!

Flip again, whatever........................

So basically both person in the show were showing seriously lack of enthusiasm in whatever they're doing. I m not sure whether the killer really wanted to kill and the girl really wanted to escape.

I m just not sure.

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