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Tuesday, April 08, 2008 


We have a new magazine launched. A brand new magazine in Malaysia, and the first of its kind too.

Sometimes I just feel not right. I am not the leading role of the project; i dont have the energy and enthusiasm, which i respect about my partner. However, like many people, when they look at some other profession, which they have not much of knowledge, they tend to see them without much respect. They think it's easy.

Everyone thinks he can be a creative person, everyone thinks he could be the best marketer. And in this case, everyone thinks he could be a hmmmm..... how should i put it, a publisher or an editor.

We dont even have a proper editorial meeting; what will be the direction for long term or for our next issue. Nobody knows what the fuck is a trial issue after i'd spent months explaining, and giving real examples. Well, they seem to "know" what's a trial issue, just from the way they give their opinion, clearly nobody truly understand the concept of it.

The closest they could go is "This's our first issue, with promotional price of ......" Of course it will look cheap if we r going to have the 2nd issue and 3rd issue with promotional price too. That's the f**king reason why people are having trial issues!

Simple marketing: You put the word "trial" so the consumer would be more accomodating and forgiving for mistakes and changes while the editorial board is making necessary changes based on feedback after the mag's been pushed out to the market. The main function is to cautious consumer dont set their impression before the editor more or less fix the imperfections, from art direction to pricing.

Yeah, i know we are all pretty smart and our mag is pretty unque; yeah i know is not necessary to follow the industry's norm and practice coz we'r different; yeah i know Cleo's, or Female's, or V Mag's, orPC gamer Malaysia's editor are pretty much stupid and kia si and conservative; yeah I know, i know, i just know.

And i, too, know a good editor should be one who just sit quietly and wait for all the other sales man to throw in ideas from the never-ever-been-involve-in publishing mind.

Initially i was quite enthusiastic about the whole project. Now, i think I will just do my part. At least we will still be friendly in the office.

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